Become a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness for $10


For those of you who watch Bravo’s Housewives of New York, you’ll especially appreciate this “kit” that gives you the title of Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness of Sealand. So what if we’ve never heard of Sealand, now you can be royalty there for just around $10. The Noble Title Pack comes with a Certificate of Individual Noble Title Ownership which has been granted by the Head of State and the Royal Family of Sealand, and is based upon the constitutional laws of Sealand’s government, established in 1967. “This award is part of a new worldwide initiative from the government of Sealand to create awareness for our determination to continue our fight for freedom and independence. As our motto states: From the Sea, Freedom!”
To make matters worse, the Noble Title pack is actually on sale, and has been drastically reduced in price by over 50%. So in other words, they can’t give these away. But still, none of your friends are likely to be the wiser. The package also comes with Information about the Principality of Sealand, the History Of Sealand, Location Information about Sealand, Photos of the Principality, Full Registration instructions and a glossy folder (spiffy!) to keep all your documents safe. All we can say, is that you could do worse things with $10.