Oregon Scientific’s Diamond Weather Station has Swarovski Crystals Depicting the Weather

Oregon Scientific has some new unique clocks and weather stations coming out soon. Available for pre-order is the Diamond Weather Station that is integrated with dazzling Swarovski crystal elements. Its sleek display and black casing make it a standout in any home or office. Depending on the weather outside, the Swarovski crystals shape into common weather images. “Future weather forecast is indicated by the illumination of the appropriate symbol: red sun for a sunny day, blue cloud for a cloudy day, green raindrops for rain.” It also exhibits precise timing by utilizing Atomic timekeeping. The weather station can be operated with just a wave of the hand that will result in the device displaying either the current time or the indoor temperature. The Diamond Weather Station will cost $139.99.

Another new addition is the Auto-Rotate Wooden Projection Clock. Encased in wood, this clock will display the time in either horizontal or vertical, while the projection feature will make the time and temperature beam for all to see on the wall or ceiling. The Auto-Rotate Wooden Projection Clock also features a weather display for interior temperature and 12 to 24 hour iconic weather forecast. The Auto-Rotate Wooden Projection Clock will retail for $129.99. Between both of these funky clocks, you’ll have yet another excuse to stay in bed.

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