Panasonic Unveils New Dect 6.0 Phones with Visual Voicemail

Panasonic has a slew of new Dect 6.0 cordless phone systems coming out chock full of innovative smartphone-like features. For reference, Dect 6.0 technology is a successor to 5.8ghz which offers even clearer and crisper reception and less interference with other wireless devices, than its predecessor. Previously Dect 6.0 handsets have tended to be pricey, but all of Panasonic’s new line up are Dect 6.0 phones, as well as their affordable ones. But what stands out most of all with Panasonic’s new cordless phone systems are the following four features, which each bring the cordless phone closer to having the functionality of a smartphone.

1) Choice Mail – Choice Mail is essentially what iPhone users have come to know as visual voicemail. It allows users to view and retrieve a voicemail message by selecting a contact’s name in a list, as opposed to having to listen and wade through other messages.

2) Talking Caller ID – Some of the new phone systems use text-to-speech technology to announce Caller ID info between rings so that you don’t have to be near the phone to know who is calling. You can also set up verbal alarms like “it’s time for lunch” and you can also have the phone system let you know when the battery needs to be charged on the handset.

3) Call Block – You can create a call block list which will block unwanted callers and send them directly to a busy signal. It’s a great solution for dealing with telemarketers, mother-in-laws alike or if you’re Jennifer Aniston – John Mayer…

4) Silent Mode – Cell phones have been doing this for awhile, so it’s about time this feature showed up on a regular phone. Panasonic’s Silent mode lets you prevent a handset from ringing at certain specific times.

The new K7400 Series comes with all of these new features as well as a large 2.1″ LCD on each handset with a large text display mode. It will be available in bundles with one to four handsets ranging in price from $69.95 to $149.95.

There is also the new 1000 series including the KX-TG1062M which features Call Block, Silent Mode,, and a base corded handset which should give you comfort in knowing that it will work even in a power outage. On the affordable end, there is the 6400 Series which includes the KX-TG6413T which features Call Block and Silent Mode with a price range of $39.95 to $79.95 for multiple handsets.

Overall, these practical new features make Panasonic’s cordless phone line-up stand apart from what is currently out there. For more details and more of Panasonic’s new telephone models, check out Panaosonic’s web site. All of the new phones go on sale this April.

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