Radius Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone Review

For a while now I’ve been looking for an affordable replacement to my dying iPhone earbuds. I wanted a pair that had a built-in mic, as well as answer button, and of-course -it should have good sound quality without costing an arm and a leg. At home, I have my Beats by Dr. Dre for when I want a serious sound session. But when I’m on the go with my iPhone, I want something practical and affordable. And because I’m on the go, I know from experience that I’m likely to destroy and go through earbuds quickly – which is why I want them to be affordable so that I don’t feel too bad when they do get wasted. This version of the Radius Atomic Earphones caught our eye especially because we had reviewed the Radius Atomic Bass earphones a while back and were impressed with their sound quality at that price point. And secondly, I was attracted to the The Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone’s design in-line controls.

The Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone comes in 4 color choices – white/silver, white/red, white/pink and black. The white versions actually consist of a white cable with colored accents. The Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone promises an ergonomic fit. Three different sized earbuds are included. I found that the smallest pair was the best fit for my ears. Overall, the earphones feel comfortable in my ears, but they are not quite the most comfortable in-ear pair that I’ve ever worn either just because they go so deep in your canal, that could be a concern for some. However as more and more earphones on the market being released are similarly shaped, most consumers are dealing with it in order to hear better music quality without pushing your hands on your ears. You do have to be somewhat careful though when removing the earphones, that you don’t pull off the earbuds and end up losing them.

Sound Quality:
Sound quality for the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones is very good, with decent bass, and a clean range from lows to highs. Which is a big difference than the iPhone earbuds I had sadly gotten used too. The Apple earbuds do not fit snugly in your ear but rather hang out right outside your ear canal. Making noise isolation clearly impossible. The Radius not only has a different design factor that allows for the earbud to extend down deeper into your canal, it also comes with different size silicone ear pieces that can will fit a range of ear canals from the biggest to the smallest. It hugs your ear canal while delivering full bodied music experience. For this price point this in an impressive feet. In comparison to the Monster Turbines In-Ear Speakers, which are in a league of there own – the Radius does do a good job with what it is. Of course the Turbines handle bass much better but the Radius in its own way, does a very good job with bass that even an audiophile would be pleased given its price tag.

The earphones also provide some moderate sound isolation, which is enough to drown out some subway noise. But you’re still able to hear your surroundings to a degree, as these are not serious noise cancellation earphones. The moderate sound isolation though is appreciated very much in places like the subway. And because you can still hear your surroundings, it makes crossing the street while using the earphones, a bit safer.

The earphones feature an answer/end key just like the traditional iPhone earbuds. You press (click) once to answer or end a call, or to pause a song, and additionally, you can press twice to go forward a track, or press 3x to go back a track. Overall, the controls are responsive and effective, and of-course convenient.

Call Quality:
Call Quality is very good with the earphones. So far I’ve noticed that callers are able to hear me a bit better with the Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone, than they previously had heard me when using the original iPhone earbuds. I was also able to hear callers loud and clear as well.

I have been using the Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone on a daily basis for almost two weeks and am very happy with them. It’s important to note, that the earphones are not only compatible with the iPhone and iPhone 3G, but they also work with the iPod Touch, Blackberry Curve and Samsung Instinct. If you’re looking to replace your iPhone earbuds, without breaking the bank, we highly recommend the Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone. Between the solid performance, affordable price tag, and good-looking design, you can’t go wrong with the Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone.

The Good:
Clean range from lows to highs, stylish design with nice choice of colors, moderate sound isolation, solid controls with integrated answer/ipod control button.

The Bad: Some consumers may shy away from the design of the earphones as they go deeper into your canal.


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