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The new Seagate Replica is designed with one thing in mind – true simplicity. Seagate knows that despite everything, there are still plenty of people not backing up because they aren’t tech savvy enough or they are just too plain lazy. The Replica eliminates those excuses by making backing up as dead simple as plugging in the device and letting the device take care of everything by itself.

In a lot of ways, the Seagate Replica is like a PC version of Apple’s Time Machine. The device and its software provide automatic and incremental backups, while being as simple as possible. So if you accidentally delete a file, using the Replica, you’ll be able to easily retrieve a previously saved version of the file. Also, the Replica stores your backup files in a structure that mirrors your regular PC’s file structure, so that files are easy to locate and restore.

The USB powered Seagate Replica has a covered gray/silver design and is relatively lightweight, weighing just a bit over half a pound, and measuring 5.61” x 3.99” x 0.72”. The Multi-PC version even comes with a dock that can hold the Replica vertically in order to save desk space.

The Replica is compatible with Windows Vista (64 bit and 32 bit) and Windows XP. We tested it on a compute running Windows XP. All you have to do is connect the Replica to your USB port and a window pops up with the option to “Start Seagate Replica”. Once you click “OK” and agree to the software agreement, the software goes to work backing up all of your system – including both system files, program files, documents and settings. Your work is done only a mere moment in to the set-up process. A shortcut to the Seagate Replica then appears on your desktop, as well as a tray icon for the Replica’s software. You can roll over it to see the status of your backup, including how many files are remaining. You can also right click on the icon to access the Replica’s settings – from there you can set a password, you can also choose which hard drives to backup, and you can choose to remove a PC if you are using the device to backup multiple PCs. And of-course, the password option gives you the ability to password protect your backups.

The first initial backup takes quite a while, so be prepared to wait several hours depending on how many gigabytes of data you have. Once the initial backup is completed, the Replica will constantly go ahead backing up files as you make modifications to them and create new ones – as long as it’s connected to your PC. If you ever disconnected the Replica, and reconnect it after a significant period of time, it may take a while for the Replica to play catch up and back up the latest version of your file system.

Should a disaster strike, you can use the Replica to restore your PC to a previous point in time. Because the Replica is continuously backing up copies of all your files, you’ll be able to choose to restore your system to a point in time when everything was working fine – you know, before your friend decided to click on that email from Bank of America.
Also, if you accidentally delete a file, you can drag and drop that file from the Replica’s backup copy.
Furthermore, the Replica is one smart cookie. In order so that you never run out of space, the Replica automatically removes the oldest backed up versions of files so that you wont run out of space for newer versions.

After actually trying out the Replica, we’ve come away impressed with the device. After all there are a million hard drives out there – but this one has a truly simple backup system. Who is the Seagate Replica for? Lazy people, those who aren’t tech savvy, and possibly IT support folks or anyone who has the responsibility and need to back up other people’s computers easily and efficiently. Overall, the Replica is a super simple, and affordable solution that might finally get people to really backup before they have to learn their lesson the hard way. The Replica’s Single PC version with a 250GB capacity will retail for $129, while a 500GB multi-PC version will be available for $199. They will both be first available in May with a 30 day exclusive at QVC’s shopping network.

The Good:
A cinch to set-up, practically no maintenance involved other than keeping the drive connected to the computer, continuously and automatically backs up files, lets you restore deleted files, Multi-PC version available

The Bad:
PC only, but then again – Mac users do have Time Machine

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  1. “In a lot of ways, the Seagate Replica is like a PC version of Apple’s Time Machine.”

    Not only is it in a lot of ways like Time Machine, it’s in almost all ways like Rebit from years ago. In fact, it’s exactly the same. Keep this thing continuously connected to my PC is going to be a pain. Great another install process and another system tray icon. Just what I need.

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