Vestalife Releases Firefly and Jewelbox iPod/iPhone Speakers and 3D Butterfly Monitor

Vestalife, the company who brought us the ladybug is at it again with iPod/iPhone docks that are about making trendy but easily functional speaker docks. The Vestalife Jewelbox and Firefly are the latest cousins to the ladybug. Both feature the similar ‘wings’ expanding design and both have the same red color.  Also, both the Jewelbox and Firefly feature digital amplifier technology,  but the Firefly has a built in subwoofer too. The two also come with remotes, sport touch volume controls and they’ll fit any generation of iPod/iPhone with additional docks.

Lastly, the new Butterfly Monitor is a portable monitor to compliment any iPod/iPhone. The 7″ LCD panel will play all your favorite videos or movies on 16:9 widescreen format via the SD/MMC card reader.  It too has a digital amplifier, remote control, and AUX jack for other MP3 players or CD Players. But the clincher is that it claims to be able to take a 2D image and make it 3D without needing any dopey paper glasses.

No pricing is available yet for any of these devices but keep a close eye to Vestalife as they will be hitting the streets sometime in Fall 2009.

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