Google Profiles Help Control What People Find When They Google You

Whether its an ex-boyfriend, or a prospective employer, there are people out there that are likely to be Googling you. If you have a Linkedin profile, and a Facebook account, that is likely to come up in the top results for your name – unless your name is John Smith. And it’s of course important to be able to control as much as you can when it comes to what others can find out about you. We’re starting to see more and more paid and free services pop up that provide you with personal profiles/ web sites for your to put your identity up on. Now Google is offering their own system in the form of Google Profiles.On your Google Profile page you can specify whatever information you feel comfortable with. Some of the default fields include your name, where your grew up, where you live now, your occupation, your current company and / or school, a short bio, your interests, a superpower you have that you might want to share and links to your social media presences like Twitter, Linkedin, or YouTube. All of these fields are optional – so it’s totally up to your discretion for as to what information you would like to disclose.

If you agree to display your full name, that will make you eligible for your profile to appear in Google search results, and the more information you add to your profile will help improve your profile’s rank. I set up my own Google Profile and was able to find myself after querying my name just 5 minutes after I finished my profile. That is impressive considering how difficult it can be to get yourself a good page ranking in Google. And lets face it, whatever someone finds out about you in the first two pages of results is what is going to make or break you. Whether or not it’s a good thing that your information is so easily out there is a whole other discussion within itself. Unfortunately, the reality is that in a world full of Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, resistance is futile.


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