Hands-on With Roxy & JBL’s Headphone Collections

Today we got a hands-on preview of Roxy and JBL’s upcoming headphone collections. These new headphones have been designed to appeal to women in a hip and fashionable manner that stays true to Roxy’s signature style, as well as JBL’s commitment to a great audio experience.

The on ear headphones ($69.95) are made of cups that have been purposely designed as smaller than average earcups, so that they fit over the ears of a woman, without looking bulky. Also, the actual earcups are covered in a velvety material, unlike the standard leather cups that we have all grown accustomed too. The reason they used a velvety material – was in order to avoid having a woman’s hair get caught in the cups. The band holding the cups together is even made to look like an actual headband, with a floral pattern printed on it.

Unlike the standard iPhone earbuds mic which is small and blends in with the white cable, the mic on the In-Earphones is purposely square and made to stand apart from the rest of the headphones – partly as a fashion statement, but it also has the benefit of leaving room for a bigger mic so you’ll experience better conversations. Finally, the headphones each come with a very lovely case which is covered in Roxy’s signature styled patterns.

So far we’re very impressed with the fact that these headphones manage to be truly feminine, but without being patronizing. The pricing is also affordable. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the audio quality is in sync with JBL’s great reputation.

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