Tattu Mobile’s Small Octupus Clip-On Takes Care of All Your A2DP Needs

Tattu Mobile’s Octupus is a little clip on device that somewhat resembles the iPod remote. However, the Octupus has a few tricks up its sleeves – which is probably why its named Octupus – because it has many sleeves? For starters it’s a bluetooth adapter that lets you listen to music on your MP3 player wirelessly. It also works as a hands-free device so that you can use it to wirelessly have conversations when connected to your phone. The Octupus also has a 3.5mm adapter so that you can listen to music through it, using the headphones of your choice. Additionally, the Octupus can be plugged in to your car stereo system via the audio in socket so that you can connect your mobile phone to your car stereo for listening to its tunes and making calls. When a call comes in, the music will pause and you’ll be able to to take calls through the car speakers. Users can also use the Octopus to stream music from a bluetooth enabled PC to a stereo system. For power, the Octopus can be charged on any iPod docking station or via the included charger. Overall, the Octupus certainly coves a lot of bases for a little device.

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