Our Top 5 Essentials for Your Memorial Day BBQ

It’s Memorial Day and what is a good BBQ without a killer grill to make that meat even tastier. Here are our top 5 things any good BBQ needs this Memorial Day – be it the absurd grill or grill accessory, you may just think damn – I want one of those. Lucky for you the grilling season has just started.

Lil Pig (BBQPIG)

We all know meat is primarily cooked on the grill, so I guess it seems apropos that there would be a pig shaped BBQ. The Lil Pig from TRAEGER Wood Pellet Grills would certainly be an attention grabber and has some nice high tech features like a digital thermostat, stainless door handle, and viper casters. This is bound to make any backyard party go hog wild. The Lil’ Pig BBQ retails for $1,895.

Eva Solo Table Grill

Not your typical backyard grill or even portable tabletop grill, this porcelain bowl has a stainless steel grill and handle that makes it look more like a bucket than a contemporary grill. When you are done grilling, the porcelain bowl can be used to hold vegetables, salad, or fruit, (this is bound to make vegans happy) or even an outdoor fireplace. Trendy and sophisticated, this is the perfect grill that even BBQ snobs would be impressed by. The Eva Solo Table Grill retails for $340.

Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads

Not everyone is a fan of a BBQ – like PETA for instance or maybe even Pamela Anderson. So I suggest not inviting either one over if you plan on sticking these Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads into your chickens after you cook them. It’s incredibly poor taste to dress up your food before you plan on eating it, but with names like Malibu, Bug-Eyed, and the Southwestern Chicken complete with sombrero and mustache it is bound to get a chuckle from even the most radical activist. The Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads retail for $14.95.

El Solito Parabolic Solar Barbecue

Created in Germany, there is no need for propane or charcoal for this grill, just pure sunlight. The 1m parabolic reflector takes the sunlight that falls onto the surface and focuses it on a single point on the grill which produces a power output of 450 watts of cooking power. With that type of heat, you can cook meat, deep fry, stove top cook, or even bake. For the best grilling results, a strong sunny day works best. I also suggest wearing a real good pair of sunglasses, because you are bound to go blind by staring at this thing. The El Solito Parabolic Solar Barbecue retails for C $500.00.

Weber 10898 Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill–The Simpsons 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Grill "Mmmmmm barbecue" – Homer Simpson. We all know Homey loves a great BBQ, so what more perfect for the Simpson and BBQ fan but a Limited Edition Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill from when the Simpson’s celebrated their 10th anniversary. This extremely hard to find grill is available on ebay for $899.99. Just don’t use a ton of lighter fuel to blow up a small neighborhood like Homey would…


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