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Track Your Friends Footsteps on Facebook with the Issac Daniel Blue GPS Shoe

Isaac Daniel, the company behind the famous GPS sneakers back in 2007 has now released their newest addition – Blue GPS. Featuring Bluetooth capability, those wearing the Blue GPS can be tracked by friends and family via their cellphones and Facebook. Just input up to five phone numbers of family or friends into your cell phone and then push the button on the shoe to link those contacts to it. The button not only links the shoe to the contact list but also to 911 in case of an emergency. If the button is pushed, a signal is sent to the ID Conex which provides the technology of the GPS tracking in the shoe. If for some reason the montoring station doesn’t get in touch with you – the cops are called next.  The Blue GPS shoes can be enabled with all cellular phones, so for parents this ideal for really knowing were your kids are! The Blue GPS is also being labeled the ‘Social Networking Shoe’ since it can be tracked on Facebook as well- next you will be able to tweet with it too (just kidding). Honestly they should have called it the ‘you are screwed shoe!’. Available in the fall for both men and women and in many styles and colors, the new version of this GPS shoe will retail for $150 but will sadly only be available in Latin America for now.

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