Monster Unveils Super Thin HDMI Cable & MC AV50 Tabletop Universal Remote

Today Monster unveiled their new “Powered” SuperThin Cables for HDMI. These cables are the result of a collaboration of Monster with RedMere, a company involved in silicon chip development. These new cables featured RedMere MagnifEye Active technology which boosts HD signals directly in the cable itself without the need for an external power supply or heavy-gauge copper. The SuperThin Cables will be available in several lengths ranging from 4 to 16 feet. Pricing is listed below.

Digital Life™ SuperThin High Speed Powered Cable for HDMI (SRP) 4ft. $89.95, 8ft. $99.95 and 16ft $119.95

Digital Life SuperThin High Speed Powered Cable for camcorder; Mini HDMI to HDMI 8ft (SRP) $99.95

Monster’s Core Line of SuperThin Powered Cables for HDMI 1m $79.95, 2m $89.95 4m $99.95, 5m $119.95.

Monster also showed released the MC AV50, an affordable Universal Home Theater Controller for $49.95. The MC AV50 is essentially a super sized universal remote with a tabletop structure and ergonomic design. The device has an assortment of large buttons with simple descriptions that can be operated with one hand. For example, there is “Play a DVD” and Listen to Satellite Radio”.

The AV50 shares many of the same unique operational qualities as other Monster advanced controllers, in that it makes individual home entertainment components work together rather than separately. They all share a host of powerful features, including advanced options for setup, customization and maintenance that elevate them far beyond ordinary remotes.

Activity-Based Control sends intelligent commands to all necessary components withthe touch of a single button. Users choose simple, plain-English Activities like “Play a DVD” and “Listen to Satellite Radio.” The remotes then automatically power the right components, set all the correct inputs, and adjust themselves to the user’s preferences – all from a one–button control!

Web-Based Setup and Configuration is user-friendly and available 24-7. Consumers access an online wizard at Monster Central® Control and enter the brand and model numbers of their equipment. Next, the wizard asks them a few simple questions. Based on the answers, the Monster Configurator downloads the proper control codes for all their gear into the MCC AV50 over a USB cable that comes with the product. No “teaching” or “learning” is involved and users can add or subtract components at their convenience. Likewise, they can create new Activities at any time.

Extensive Personalization and Customization enables users to create custom “palettes” for easy access to their favorite picture and sound functions. Users can also personalize their Monster Controller with custom graphics, photos and slide shows.

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