Philips Unveils GoGear Luxe and Mix MP3 Players

Today Philips unveiled a slew of cool new products, ranging from new digital audio players, to spiffy all in one remotes, to iPhone speaker systems and slick landline handsets. Here are some of Philips new products that especially stood out for us.

The clip-on GoGear Luxe MP3 player with Bluetooth headset is looking pretty slick. It lets you switch from music to calls with a single click. It also features a music shuffle mode, an amazing 100 hour battery life, an FM radio with 20 presets, and its display shows caller ID and numbers. It retails for $79.99.

The Philips GoGear Mix has a convenient push-out USB connector, a clip-on design, and at $44.99 with a 4GB capacity, it’s also focused on value. Other features include an FM radio with presets, WMA support, a full color display, and a 25 hour battery life.

These little DAPS have a similar form factor to the Luxe and are packing in 2GB, are available in several colors and retail for $39.99. They also feature the one click control for playing and pausing. Plus they have navigation controls on the side.

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