Notebooks, iPhone 3G, and USB Flash Drives Covered in Real Animal Skin – Someone Call PETA

I have seen many crystals, cases and laser engravings that adorn notebooks, USB Flash Drives, and cellphones – some exquisite, simple or just plain stupid. But I have to say these take the cake. In fact they shouldn’t even be made. MJ a Russian based company – offers a line of extremely luxurious USB Flash Drives, Laptops, iPhone 3G’s, and other accessories covered with the finest gold, silver, and ANIMAL SKIN! I honestly thought this was some kind of a joke when I saw this but no joke. You can pick from the most exotic python covered USB Flash Drive to one shaped as an Ostrich Claw. There is also a crocodile skin covered laptop, or snake skin covered iPhone 3G. Maybe you would like a Tiger Fang or Crocodile Tail USB Flash Drive. If that is too much for you there is always the standard solid gold USB Flash Drive and the tried and true diamond or crystal embellished ones. There is no pricing available on the site – you’ll just have to call or email to find out – probably because the skins they are using are illegal!. But honestly, these type of designs may have finally crossed the line of ‘decorative’.

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