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Go Computer is the Computer for Senior Citizens


Well I guess it is to be expected. We have computers aimed at kids – so why not Senior Citizens. The Go Computer is a desktop computer specifically made for Seniors. The computer has been designed by MyGait who has over eight years of consulting in senior retirement homes. The Go Computer takes about five minutes to setup and also offers 24 hour customer support for any trouble you may run into. I can already hear the grandchildren sighing in relief. The whole computer is based upon this ‘Go’ Operating system that makes browsing the web, answering email, and very simple computer functions easy. The computer is comprised of a 19” anti-glare screen, keyboard with large visible keys, trackball mouse that can zoom up to 200% to see items on the screen. It is a bit pricey at $799 and that doesn’t even include the cost of the 24 hour customer service of $19.99 a  month. There are no details of what is exactly under the hood but I can’t imagine its impressive at all. This is a great starter computer for those Seniors who really have no concept (even though I do find it a bit patronizing) of what a computer is but I know that isn’t the case for my Grandparents.