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Hoon x The Perfect Unison Headphones Get The Python Skin Treatment

I don’t get what the deal is lately with electronics being covered with animal skins. We mentioned the Laptops covered in real animal skin a few weeks ago ane now there are headphones covered in Python skin too. HOON, in collaboration with The Perfect Unison, has created a line of luxury headphones called Hoon x The Perfect Unison. These are extremely trendy and stylish, minus the python skin covered headband. They truly wanted to capture the essence of technology and style. The headphones come in either purple or beige color and are naturally flexible and made out of nine layers of birch wood, then wrapped with python skin on the exterior side and then some goat skin on the interior for extra comfort for you (sadly, not for the animal). These cans will set you back $1639.54 or (£ 988.44) at Colette.