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Hammacher Schlemmer’s Metal Detecting Sandals Review

I have always been fascinated with metal detectors because of the allure of finding hidden loot. Do they really work? That quivering crackling noise it makes as you get closer and closer – will it reveal a huge treasure?! Instead of lugging around one of those big metal detector machines, My Treasure Seekers in conjunction with Hammacher Schlemmer released the Metal Detector Sandals.

The Metal Detector Sandals are a nice pair of rubber slip-on’s that will not only protect your feet from the elements, but also let you beach comb and wade through piles of sand as your feet try to find hidden riches. On the surface the slippers are very plain, but to their credit  they are unisex so that way women can get in on the fun too. There is nothing fancy about them at all, they are comprised of a thick black rubber with some support for your feet.

It took us a while to actually get some decent weather to take these sandals out for a spin, but we finally got our chance July 4th weekend to hit the beach and soak up some sun. Of all the beaches we could have gone too, we chose Atlantic City. We figured that someone must have dropped some change on that beach before hitting the casinos.

The sandals don’t require much to get started – but just a 9 Volt battery which isn’t included. You slip the metal detector sandals on your tootsies and then strap on the ‘actual metal detector’ on your calf which  connects to the right sandal via a USB port.

The metal detector on your calf looks like you are a white collar criminal on home detention, but nonetheless it is required for it to work. The contraption straps on and the box is comprised of the unit which has several lights. The device will also make that famous quivering noise, helping you detect that metal is definitely in the area so that you should keep on going. There is an on off switch and a switch to make the device quiver when metal is near.

Once I slipped the sandals on and strapped on the metal detector box to my calf, I was ready to start collecting my treasure – or tin cans. As I made my way along the beach there were no signs of anything. No crackling – no noise – just dead silence. It was obviously a very poor beach. After a while I gave up and decided I would just supply my own change. I scattered the change around and covered some sand on it and stomped around to find it. NOTHING! Not even a wee little crackle. The sandals did nothing. I dug up the quarters and placed them back in the sand and covered it up very lightly again. Finally I placed my right foot right over it, and the metal detector went crazy and the green LED light lit up. I had found my quarter. So it seems that you will only find anything with your right sandal – your left sandal is basically a waste. Also, the sandals will indeed detect metal, but only if it is light covered with a skim of sand and if it comes in contact with a certain area on the sandals sole.

In conclusion, the Metal detector sandals are great novelty gift for those who like to explore and have fun doing different activities at the beach, besides building sand castles. However if you want a serious metal detector, these won’t do the job at all. You have to be careful not to get them wet (I don’t get how that is possible at a beach) because of the USB port on the shoes which did get some sand in the port anyway.  But if you are in need of a unique gift and one that won’t break the bank, the Metal Detector Sandals will do just fine. The Metal Detecting Sandals retail for $59.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Good: Sandals are well made shoes and are quite comfortable. These are perfect for those who want to break in to metal detecting without the hassle of lugging around a big machine.

The Bad: The sandals don’t pick up any metal until you are right on top of it, and only if its covered very faintly with sand. Also, the quivering is not loud enough, especially for a beach.

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