LaCie Cozy and The Coat Hard Drive Cases Review

_DSC0471LaCie has always been known for their well made Hard Drives but they also have a growing line of accessories to protect your precious storage in as well. Sam Hecht, a LaCie hard drive designer has conceptualized the new LaCie Coat and Cozy accessory cases.

The Coat bags bring a new way to travel with your hard drives without the worry of them smashing into something and getting damaged. Resembling the bubbles on bubble wrap or even Lego brick bumps, each pattern comes in a different color and size: orange, red, black, and gray. It also supports 2.5 inch drives as well as 3.5 inch drives. When you grow tired of the bubble effect, you can always turn the sleeve inside out and then a suede fabric interior is exposed.

If there is one hard drive that needs a case, it is the LaCie Little Disk, Design by Sam Hecht. While cute and stylish, this hard drive has a knack for collecting fingerprints even if you breathe on it. I only held it in my hand for a second and a minute later I was already buffing it with cloths. This is one hard drive that needs a case desperately. It does come with a drawstring suede-like bag but that won’t really protect it from bumps. The Coat however will, and it’s solid yet cushy material will withstand a few bumps and knocks. It is also light weight so it won’t add an additional weight to the overall junk you are probably schlepping around. There is also a hidden pocket on the inside of the case for lets say an extra USB dongle.  The Coat retails for $11.99 to $15.99.
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If you are looking for a more rugged, harder shell case then the next best option for your hard drive is the LaCie Cozy. Also designed by Sam Hecht, the LaCie Cozy offers an alternative to a softer case. This hard-shell version provides a tough protective outer layer which is a bit rigid. However its flexible outside pocket is perfect for carrying any additional supplies you may need. Just like the Coat, the Cozy also comes in black, gray, and red and fits 2.5 and 3.5 size drives. If you drop this case you are surely protected since there is an interior strap to hold your hard drive in place and it will withstand just about any impact thrown at it. The LaCie Cozy retails for $14.99 to $19.99.

Between the combination of the LaCie Cozy, Coat and Sam Hecht Little Disk you have a complete collection of portable storage and protection.. Available in capacities of 250, 320 and 500GB, the Little Disk itself features a built-in USB dongle that extends to eliminate the need for carrying around an external wire. With this hard drive, LaCie has definitely captured the need to travel light with no complications.

The Good: Stylish cases with appeal to both men and woman. Provides protection to otherwise delicate hard drives.

The Bad: The need for hard drives cases is not as essential like for cellphones, it may take longer for this type of accessory to catch on.

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