Palm Pre Goes from Creepy Commercials to Seinfeld’s Peter Mehlman


seinfeldpre Seinfeld…oh how we miss yee…even though there are no more original episodes, lately the cast has been in the news more than ever. Even the writers are getting some face time besides Larry David. Peter Mehlman ( another writer on the show) will soon be on You Tube with his own channel and original content. So you are probably thinking –  So what? Well the exclusive corporate sponsor behind it is none other than Sprint who is looking to change their image after the less than likable commercials we all know about.  In fact, Peter loves his Palm Pre so much it will be integrated within his show  ” In one episode, Mr. Mehlman talks to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan about how quarterbacks make so much money and teachers make so little, only to remark, “I’m one of the few people who don’t think teachers are underpaid.” He then uses his Palm Pre to rewind the video and erase his blasphemous quote, replacing it with “Teachers really deserve more money.”  Now all we are missing is for Elaine to say ” GET OUT!!” You can read more about Peter Mehlman and his upcomming “Peter Mehlman’s Narrow World of Sports,” webisodes here.