Monster Turbine Pro Review

_DSC0015The new Monster Turbine Pro High Performance In-Ear Speakers are not a replacement to the Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers, but another choice for those Audiophiles who didn’t think the original Turbines did their music justice. The newest pair of In-Ear Speakers are again a labor of love from Monster and aim to please those looking for the perfect sound reproduction. There is a reason these are called ‘Pro.’

Once again it comes down to the details and the Turbine Pro is all about the details.  The Turbine Pro headphones are shaped like the original Turbines that resemble that of a Monster Component cable. However the Pros are much more lightweight this time around and the metal housing is available in either gold or copper plated. The base of the In-ear speakers are made of a rugged heavy duty rubberized plastic to withstand heavy use. The 3.5mm Turbine In-ear speaker jack is also gold plated to achieve optimum contact between your device and the earphones. There is also cord management on the Pro cabling so that they won’t get tangled or look messy as you walk around town. The Turbine Pro comes with 5 advanced sound Isolating eartips, each one aimed to fit every ear size (which I had a problem with on the Turbines) as well as deliver superior noise isolation from external sources. If you look at the part of the eartip that goes on the In-ear speaker, you will notice a silicon looking insulation inside of the tip. That right there is the secret recipe that Monster will not divulge, except to say its made out of “special materials.”  The case that comes with the earphones is also blinged out with gold etching and a suede like material.

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So you plunk down $249.95 on a pair of ‘In-ear speakers’ was it worth it? You bet! Where the Turbines lacked – the Turbine Pro makes up ten-fold. Where noise isolation was lacking before, its made up with the new and improved advanced Turbine Pro eartips. I have small ear canals and I was able make them fit and snuggle my ear with ease. I wasn’t able to hear a peep around me. The In-ear speakers felt light in my ears now compared to the original Turbines and also I didn’t need to wrap the cord around the top portion of my ear so that they didn’t fall out while walking. They just stayed put without altering the sound of the music that flowed through them.

Flow is what the music did, with the new and improved drivers it only delivered new and improved sound that was rich and clear with a rich deep bass that enhanced the sound delivery of the various different music selections I used to test the earphones with. Be it Yanni ( don’t laugh), Fleetwood Mac, or Black Eyed Peas – each genre exhibited full body, clarity, and detail in each track. You could easily hear the extreme highs with Stevie Nicks’s tambourine as it shakes  along with the low end detail of Mick Fleetwood at the drums.

The full body of Yanni’s music which utilizes a full blown orchestra along with drums, violins, and pianos were all brought to life. Again the Low end detail was apparent as well as the high midrange.

When you listen to the Black Eyed Peas music you know with a song like Boom Boom Pow they are looking to attract those Audiophiles who appreciate the fact that they put so much dynamic range and low bass. They are taking their electronica to the limit and want to see if you catch their ‘Boom Boom Pow’.

The Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers are not for those looking for a replacement to their cheap white earbuds. No these are for serious music lovers who take the time to listen and cultivate their music tastes and have trained ears to appreciate the impact of music.  Each one of the tracks I  tested  by listening to it in 128kbps, 192kbps, and 320kpbs. I also made sure to utilize not only the new and improved eartips but I also tested it with foam tips and plain eartips from the original Turbines. Each tip gave a different impression on the sound but never took away from it. My favorite choices for tips for the Turbine Pro is the included improved ones or the foam tips. Both hug your ear canal and let you drown out the world and envelope yourself in the music.

Some people will just use the Turbine Pro to listen to 128kbps but that would be a real shame. As much as they are excellent earphones, you won’t bring the music to life as you would by listening to it with a higher bitrate – you are just doing yourself a disservice. If you are going to spend the money, then use some of the storage in your iPod or Mp3 player and give that music room to breathe.  You’ll be glad you did. The Monster Turbine PRO High Performance In-Ear Speakers will retail for $299.95, though they are currently on pre-order from Amazon for $249. If you plan on using the headphones with an iPhone or iPod, a $329.95 version will be available that comes with with Monster’s ControlTalk headphone cable which offers music playback control as well as the ability to make hands-free calls.

The Good: Excellent sound quality, comfortable to wear, captures all the details be it high or low of your music in various kbps.

The Bad: A bit pricey for today’s economy but true Audiophiles will be in for a treat if they are willing to lay out the cash.

Disclaimer: We didn’t get to test the ControlTalk feature as our review sample did not have it.  This post will be updated if we receive it.


  1. You must be confused… the beat in Boom Boom Pow is all midbass, not low bass. Anyone know if these are balanced armature or dynamic drivers?

  2. You must be confused… the beat in Boom Boom Pow is all midbass, not low bass. Anyone know if these are balanced armature or dynamic drivers?

  3. You must be confused… the beat in Boom Boom Pow is all midbass, not low bass. Anyone know if these are balanced armature or dynamic drivers?

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