mSpot Mobile Movies Launches Full Feature Movie Streaming for Cell Phones

mspotDebuting today is mSpot Mobile Movies. This gives smartphone users the ability to stream full-length feature movies directly to their handsets.  The service is now available on all four major U.S. carriers and is supported by the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile phones. Initially this service was only available to those using Sprint and Bell Mobility. “In order to access this service, consumers go to m.mSpot.com on their phone, and use a credit card to purchase individual movies for $4.99 each (with a 48 to 72 hour rental period on average), or subscribe to a monthly Movie Club membership at $9.99, $12.99 or $15.99 per month.”

From there you can browse either comedy, drama, new releases, horror, and what’s hot. Then simply go to your phone’s web browser to access the movie instantly.  From what we saw on their site, so far there isn’t that much to choose from yet in regards to decent movies. The Reader and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button are two big new releases available, there are some classics like Hamlet with Laurence Olivier, and there are plenty of B Movies too. However we expect that overtime the catalog will grow since at launch, mSpot has already made agreements with both Paramount Studios and The Weinstein Company. We tried watching a movie on our iPhone and the streaming quality was very impressive over Wi-Fi, and the movie started playing in about 15 seconds. You’re also able to automatically resume right where you left off if you stop watching a film in the middle of it playing. But ultimately your data connection’s speed and signal will have an impact on the quality of the stream while you watch.

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