Blogger Tour Finland: The Emerging Finnish Start-Up Culture

047As you can see between yesterday and today we have been posting items about Finland. Why you may ask has Chip Chick gone Finnish? Well when media agency Finnfacts approached Chip Chick with the opportunity to visit Finland to meet with the movers and shakers of the Finnish tech world, we obviously jumped at the opportunity. Finnfacts, an agency that has been inviting foreign journalists to Finland for 30 years, hosted the first ever blogger tour (woot woot!) with bloggers from TechCrunch, The NextWeb, HenrietteWeber, ReadWriteWeb, StartupMeme, and TechPulse360. Focused on social media and Web 2.0, we got an inside look at how Finnish start-ups are trailblazing in the world of tech.

Finland is a country with a strong tradition on technology and design, with the prime example being mega mobile company Nokia. Hoping to expand upon their successes in technology, the Finnish government is putting major money into funding aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up companies across Finland. Hosting the MindTrek conference in Tampere, Finland, chosen start-up companies including Everyplay, Dazzboard, MultiTouch, Oppifi, Virtual Air Guitar Company and Zokem, competed for funding. Winner MultiTouch stole the show with a first ever touch screen LCD screen designed for multiple users at the same time. A truly exciting time for Finland, a Finnish start-up culture is emerging. So I hope you enjoy the coverage over the next few days that we will be posting about the start-ups and latest tech coming out of Finland.

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