Darkest of Days Review (Xbox 360)

gameplay3Once and a while a video game comes along that takes your average video game and turns it into something special, Darkest of Days happens to be just one of those games. In Darkest of Days , you get to experience some of the most varied gameplay ever released in one title.  Things will never get stale as you travel through different timezones and fight alongside people from that time period.  You will battle in in five different Time Periods: Pompeii, Antietam, WWI, WWII,  or Little Big Horn and you will fight with real weapons from that time period. You begin the story as Alexander Morris fighting at the battle of Little Big Horn where you are shot with an arrow, but saved by a fellow named Dexter who is from the future. Dexter becomes your partner for the game. It turns out that a company called Kronotek Technology has perfected time travel and has been using it to save those that should have survived fatal events during wars throughout time. Your mission of the game is to go back and save those that might have been ultimately killed during great wars.

Darkest of Days is a first person shooter game and a very good one in fact. The game starts off with you fighting in the battle of Little Big Horn. After you are saved from being killed in battle, you start your training and go through the game tutorial, pretty short and solid. It gives you a run down on the different weapons you use. You even get to fire some Civil War era artillery which is fun and different.

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The graphics are pretty detailed, especially since you are traveling through time, the game keeps the design of the cloths and weaponry  very accurate to the time as well. The weapons, methods of traveling, and even the music, are correct for the time period. There is a part where you hear guys singing and playing music around the camp fire very Southern-like, which is appropriate for the civil war. Even the the terrain that you are fighting in is very realistic when you go from war to war. The civil war land is less developed and you are fighting in a more rugged wooded area compared to when you are in Europe during WW2 in a POW camp. Even in Pompei 79 AD, the game gave a great impression of what the Roman city would have been like. The movement of all the characters are all very fluid as you are ducking and running.

During each battle you have to avoid killing anyone with a blue aura. These are people that are meant to survive the battle. Your options are really to shoot them in the leg or arm so they are taken out of battle or you can use your chasers which are a weapon from the future that disables the enemy without killing them. If you kill 3 people that you are supposed to save, an opposition from the future tries to come and kill you. This is difficult, and you do not want to face them. You can kill them and take their weapons but it is not easy.

The weapons are true to the era so you are not able to bring back and forth weapons from the future to fight in a battle – DAMN! I would have loved have taken a musket to a German.  During Civil War Battles you have a musket which you can reload by packing the bullet and gun powder down the barrel. This is also time consuming so it is not like other shooter games where you can go running around with guns blazing. Once you travel to WW1 you see the weapons and clothes change which makes it easier to engage your enemies. Semi- automatic weapons become available as well as grenades during this time period.

However, in the case where an opposition from the future comes to track you down you are able to use their future weapons against them. They are hard to kill and get the weapons because they have future armor and technology that a musket or M1 can not compete with. With all the weapons whether it is a classic revolver from the wild west or a musket from the Civil War, the aiming and positioning in a FPS is always essential and in this game its very good. You get to zoom in on your targets in order to get that good headshot or when you need to pop someone while they are riding their horse.


Darkest of days not only takes you through one war but many wars at different periods in time. For a FPS shooter it really immerses you in the game with your surroundings and lets you experience what it was like to be a soldier during these times, with a twist of course. The only downside is this game is a little hard and the graphics are bit dated. I lowered the difficultly level to easy and found that it is still challenging. So it isn’t ideal for the impatient or a newer gamer. Others may have an issue with some historical mistakes during the wars or the fact that what you do, really has no effect in the long run or change any historical outcome. I personally don’t take any game that seriously regardless of its content. But if you are up for a challenge and enjoy first person shooter games, you are in luck with Darkest Days as long as you don’t take it too seriously. Darkest of Days for Xbox 360 retails for 41.99 at Amazon.

The Good: An ambitious game that tries to give you a history lesson but still exhibit the guts and glory of a FPS war game.

The Bad: Its difficulty could scare away casual gamers or those new to the genre. Those who are history buffs may be turned off by the historical inaccuracies in the game.

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