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TouchTec iPhone Gloves for Women, They’re Finally Here!


_DSC0080Using the iPhone in the winter tends to be an arduous experience. With your gloves on, you can’t operate the phone, not even to answer a call. But with your gloves off, your hands get unpleasantly chilled. A while back we wrote a story about iPhone gloves. At the time, there weren’t many choices out there, and from what was out there – they were bulky, ugly and designed for men. Regardless, I myself picked up a pair of Tavo iPod/ iPhone gloves last winter. They did the job, but just barely. They were too big on my hands, and didn’t work all that well on my iPhone’s touch screen. But I was happy to not have to pull off my glove to pick up the phone in 20 degree New York weather.

It turns out that someone out there heard our frustration. Jerry Leto read our post about the horrible iPhone glove situation, and he also found other people online talking about a similar predicament. Leto decided that it was time to make a really good pair of iPhone gloves, ones that didn’t just work well but that also looked good. From that point on, Jerry worked relentlessly to develop a technology that could transform an ordinary pair of gloves in to something extraordinary. That was one and half years ago. Today we sat down with Jerry and took a look at some of his first pairs using his TouchTec technology which is based on nano-technology. But they hardly look like a first attempt at all. Jerry has worked with Gaspar Gloves, a designer who has provided the gloves for actors and actresses to wear in many major motion pictures. As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson was even buried wearing a pair of Gaspar Gloves. Gaspar not only makes gorgeous custom made leather gloves, but now many of their pairs can be made to work with the iPhone with Jerry’s TouchTec technology.

“TouchTec technology mimics the human body, it is invisible and possesses antimicrobial qualities. Leather and other textiles fully retain their characteristics, thus affording the wearer of the TouchTec gloves maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove.”

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But the gloves won’t just work with the iPhone alone. They’ll operate on any touch screen device – both capacitive and resistive, so that includes anything from a touch screen cell phone to an ATM, to one of those new multi-touch enabled Windows 7 PCs. The technology makes the glove work like a human hand would. So that means that all 10 fingers on the glove can be used – you can type on your touchscreen and even perform multi-gestures without a hitch. Jerry plans to take the technology to other glove makers. But he promises to only bring the tech to glove manufacturers that use quality materials. For now the TouchTec gloves run a bit pricey in the $200-$300 range. But he is working on cost efficiency, so that eventually he’ll be able to bring down the pricing level as much as possible.

We can’t express how excited we are about this new technology and the possibilities that it opens up. We’ll have a full review of the gloves soon, but from our few minutes spent with them we were very impressed. Not only is the selection of gloves stylish, but we were able to operate an iPhone much better than I ever was ever able to with my original pair of Tavo gloves, which incidentally, are now headed to the junk pile.

Update 12/09/09: If you’re looking for a more affordable pair of gloves that still uses the same amazing TouchTec technology, check out eTouch Gloves where a leather glove lined with fleece runs for $99.95. eGlovz also sells several pairs of stylish gloves with TouchTec technology. Pricing for eGlovz ranges from $99.95 to $195.00, and each pair comes with cashmere lining.

If you’d like more information about TouchTec technology, you can connect with the folks behind the technology here.