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Jabra STONE Review

Jabra STONE (headset & charger)

Jabra STONE (headset & charger)The Jabra STONE is unlike any Bluetooth headset you have ever seen before. Jabra knew that launching that teaser website a little while ago would make the blogs start buzzing about what this ‘Stone’ was all about. Well it’s finally here and it looks cooler than any teaser picture could have depicted. The shape of the Jabra STONE is unique, as it has no extended boom. Unlike the Jawbone and Plantronics Voyager before it, that have an extended boom that lays on your cheek – the Jabra STONE has no boom but instead it features incredible phonics and noise elimination that eliminate the need for a boom. That leaves you with a beautifully designed Bluetooth earpiece that is sleek and fashionable, yet subtle.

In the Box:

The packaging for the Jabra STONE is as impressive as the device it holds. Made of a clear see-thru hard plastic,when opened the Jabra STONE is held in place by black plastic clasps. In order to open up the rest of the packaging you need to free the parts of the Jabra STONE. This requires you to push down and then pull, similar to opening a pill bottle. Once freed, you can then get to the rest of the contents of the package which consists of a wall charger, USB cable charger, manual, belt clip, and ear gel. Everything is neatly laid out, sectioned, and labeled so there is no guessing as to what is what.

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The Jabra Stone is designed to be a unique Bluetooth device that eliminates the boom off of your face but besides its functionality, it’s just a really cool device to hold and play around with. The earpiece easily slips in and put of its charging base, effectively completing the “stone” look. When together as one piece, the Jabra STONE resembles an aroma therapy stone used in a spa. The Jabra Stone is very lightweight (only .25 ounces) and it can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse making it super portable and also something to hold in your hands to play with. The Jabra STONE slips over your ear like a pair of earclip earphones with the earbud resting in your ear nicely. The headset also features a neat touch volume control, all you need to do is slide your finger up or down along the outside portion of the clip. To pick up a call or hang up, you just press the Jabra logo on the device.


The first thing you’ll want to do is charge your device. If you charge the Jabra STONE together – you will get a combined total of 8 hours of talk time. Two hours are available to you directly from the earpiece, the STONE charger holds 6 hours of charging time for you to keep refreshing your Jabra with. The STONE also has indicator lights for battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.  In the past I have often had difficulty pairing my Bluetooth device with a phone. Usually a pin is needed or you have to hold down a button to pair the headset with the cellphone etc…Whatever the case may be – it isn’t the case with the Jabra STONE. It connected to my handset like butter, my MyTouch 3G picked it up instantly once I turned on the Bluetooth setting and the same could be said for my iPhone. There was no hassle or fuss, it just simply connected without any drama.  Another sweet feature is the ability to connect two Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time with “Multiuse capabilities.” The headset can also stream music from A2DP compatible mobile phones. And I especially liked the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices at once. It was as easy as setting up just one. However, it does get a little confusing when you’re connected to two devices, but it is kind of fun because it enables those who have multiple phones to be connected to them without having to physically pick up the handsets and switch between them.

Sound Quality:

The Jabra STONE utilizes DSP technology and Noise Blackout Extreme to increase not only the phonics that can be heard to the person calling you but also for upgraded noise elimination. Living in NYC you can always depend on there being noise from cars, sirens, or people around you. So I immediately tested the Jabra STONE as I walked around the city. Not only was I able to hear the person on the other side of the conversation crisp and clearly, but so was the person on the other end. I didn’t need to shout or talk loudly so that the person on the other side of the conversation could hear me, I was just having a normal conversation. And all I heard was their voice and no ambient sounds around them. On the other hand, several callers did tell me that they heard the cars and people in the background of where I was talking. However, being on the receiving end of the call while using the Jabra STONE, the caller’s voice was super crisp and clear.

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The Jabra STONE is a compact and sexy Bluetooth headset that redefines portability and handsfree interaction. The only downside I found with the device is that those with bigger ears might enjoy it more. Since the earclip is not adjustable, you are pretty much stuck if you have small ears – which I do. I have small ear canals and small ears in general. Those with big ears will definitely have a much better experience with this than the latter. My co-editor got the Jabra STONE to sit perfectly in her ear without falling out, where as on me it kept falling out or getting loose. I was able to still have an enjoyable experience with it, because my long hair basically kept in place, but not everyone has that option. That aside, the Jabra STONE lives up to its campaign of being a unique device that delivers superior sound quality, noise elimination, and a fashion statement. The Jabra STONE will retail for $129.99 and it will be exclusively sold at AT&T as of November 8th.

The Good: Excellent sound quality. Creative design eliminates boom off of your face and doubles as trendy mobile accessory. Can easily be concealed under long hair for a little 007 undercover work.

The Bad: Earpiece is not adjustable and those with small ears may find it difficult to keep on without it falling off. When operating outdoors, callers on the other end could hear ambient noise.