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MusicSkins Review


madonna3MusicSkins is a company that is similar to GelaSkins, however their primary difference is that they specialize in skins that feature musicians. Where GelaSkins concentrates on being ‘Mobile Art’, MusicSkins concentrates on making your fave music artist a skin for any device you may have. There are even skins for your Guitar Hero/Rock Band Controller and Seagate hard drives.

I have been a big fan of GelaSkin for sometime and I even tweeted not so long ago that I was already on to my 4th laptop, yet I was still using the same GelaSkin. So would the MusicSkin hold up to that type of challenge? Would it be just as good quality? I had used similar skins prior to GelaSkins and wasn’t all that impressed. I was either disappointed by the quality, long term durability, or just the selection of designs. MusicSkins offers up music artist centric designs but also Fashion, Art, Obama, Models, Charity, and Media designs. Music designs are broken up by genre and give consumers the full spectrum of whatever music taste they may have. Pop, Rap, Reggae, and Rock all there plus a few more.madonna1

So don’t laugh, but I chose Madonna. Yes she is still the queen to me – so there. In any case I was curious to see if the materials and quality would pop like the GelaSkin did. Upon opening it up, I felt right away that it was a smidge lighter than a GelaSkin skin. However, the adhesive smell from both were the same and the actual adhesive part on the underside of the skins looked similar too. I removed the GelaSkin from my Apple MacBook Pro 15″ – which was quite tough and what has always been a sticking point for me with a GelaSkin skin. I always think I’m going to break my screen off. But alas I got it off. Cleaned up the cover of the laptop and placed the MusicSkin on to replace the previous one. It went on like a dream – only a few bubbles here and there, which were easily smoothed out.  Madonna now graces my MacBook Pro.

I attempted to remove the MusicSkin and unlike the GelaSkin, it was much easier and I wasn’t afraid that I would break my laptop in the process. I re-applied it and it went back on just the same as it did before. Extremely painless. I was also impressed with the image quality of the skin as well. Being that ultimately it is a reproduction from a photo, it still looked very good and the image popped off my MacBook Pro.

MusicSkins may be just another competitor for GelaSkin but atleast it is a quality product that can actually go head to head with them. They may not concentrate on the artsy type designs but for those who just want to slap a picture of lil Wayne on your devices – they got you covered. You can also make your own custom design too. I like the fact that they basically will skin just about any current device out on the market and the skin itself is an excellent quality. However only time will tell if its durable enough to make it to my 8th laptop. MusicSkins range from $15 to $30 depending on the device you are looking to skin.


The Good: Good quality material. Can easily be removed and put back on without ripping or fearing you will break your laptop. Good selection of artists for those who love their music. Can create a custom skin.

The Bad: If you are into more art focused skins, you may have to look elsewhere as the selection available is a little slim.