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Philips Wake-Up Light Review


_DSC0011The Phlilps Wake-Up light is designed to enhance your physical well being when its time for you to get up in the morning. When we got a hands on demo a few weeks ago, we witnessed for ourselves the overall charm of this unusual device. The Wake-Up Light features a soft light that gently glows as you awake from your deep slumber, it also plays back soothing sound effects that include the gentle sound of wind chimes or chirping birds, which make this device especially appealing for those who hate to wake up. So when we received a review sample we were eager to see if this device would lighten our mood in the morning when we woke up, instead of just grouchily hitting the snooze button.

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I’m probably one of the few lucky people in NYC that actually has a sun drenched apartment. Being that this device was primarily marketed to those that actually lack sunlight in their bedrooms, I was curious to see if it would make any effect on me at all. Once you take the Philips Wake-Up light out of the box it includes an attached electrical cord, an antenna for the FM Radio, and a manual. Its design is simple and sleek and leaves a small footprint no matter where you put it in your room. All you have to do is place it somewhere on your desk or nightstand and you’re ready to go.

So you are ready to go to sleep – now what? Well first you need to set the clock on the Wake-Up Light along with the alarm and light settings. The Wake-Up device is controlled by 3 scroll buttons and a switch on the side of the device. Press the Set button in and you can scroll through the various options to set the time, alarm, light preference, and sound to wake up to. You can choose to be woken up by 4 natural wake-up sounds like wind chimes, birds chirping, soft drums, and percussion instruments. There is also an FM Radio built in so that you can choose to wake up to a favorite station.  Next, you can set the light intensity from 1 to 20. So not only does it make a nice light to wake up to but also a desk lamp too.

I first tried out the Wake-up lamp at a time when NYC was going through a period of  many sunny days that basked my apartment in light. The Wake-Up light did its job and woke me up to birds chirping accompanied by the soft light that emanates from it. However the sun-drenched bedroom seemed to over power it. It really made no difference in my mood at all – nor did I feel extra stimulated or relaxed from it.  I tried again the next day increasing the light intensity but the sun still overpowered it and made no difference in anyway to my mood.

So I decided I would just wait till we had some gloomy days and low and behold we  did which resulted in dark cloudy rainy mornings and no sunlight to speak of. This is when the Wake-up light proved its worth. Its soft light awoke me in the morning and was a welcome contrast to the gloominess outside my window. This time I chose wind chimes to wake me up. As the gloomy days past, I certainly appreciated something to brighten my mornings when I woke up.

Some may just think the Philips Wake-Up light is just a glorified lamp. But its soft light plus the combination of 4 natural sounds make all the difference. However,  I am disappointed that you have to spend an additional $30 dollars to get the Wake-Up light with an iPod dock, after all, it doesn’t take much to add a 3.5mm jack these days to devices. But for those whose bedrooms face a brick wall or suffer from lack of natural lighting in their room, they will appreciate the soft light waking them in the morning, its small footprint, pleasing minimalist design, as well as the natural soothing sounds that it plays. Unfortunately, for those who have rooms that get decent sunlight then this probably won’t do much to enhance your life, but it will work as a really nice looking bedside lamp/FM Radio/Sound machine. The Philips Wake-Up light retails for $134.99 at Amazon.

The Good: For those who lack natural sunlight in their bedrooms this will certainly help you get your day started, 4 natural sound settings and sleek design.

The Bad: Won’t really make an emotional impact on someone who has lots of sunlight in their bedroom, lack of 3.5MM jack for external sound sources, FM Radio signal lacks signal strength on some channels (when tested in NYC).