Star Wreck Studios Goes From Mom’s Basement To Universal Studios


wreckamovie1When filmmakers in Tampere, Finland decided they wanted to make a movie in their friend’s basement, little did they know that it would become worldwide phenomena available in 30 languages, with Hollywood quality special effects, that Universal would eventually buy the rights to. Fat chance. Well, it happened. A movie with no real actors, no real budget, that took seven years to film became an online sensation thanks to the passion of its creators and their somewhat different distribution plan. Most movie makers hope to make it big in Hollywood and earn millions of dollars – you know, the Ben Affleck, Matt Damon business model. Star Wreck Studios took a different approach. And by different I mean that they put it online for free. Through word of mouth and a network of online friends, the movie was downloaded millions of times and gained so much online popularity that Universal came knocking on their door hoping to buy the rights to the movie.


Spawned from this online Star Wreck revolution came Wreckamovie.com, an online platform that is designed to connect movie actors, translators, graphic designers, producers, and straight up movie lovers in an online collaborative environment so they can be a part of a movie’s production. Wreckamovie.com is described as a social community where film producers can create tasks and ask for the online community’s input. For example, let’s say Star Wreck is missing an Albanian translation. Translators can submit their own subtitles to movie producers, thus building their resume and making them a part of the Star Wreck team. This online social community builds communities around film productions and allows everyone from fans to professionals to get involved with the movie making process. This not only connects the movie making community but it does it cheaper and in a crowd-sourced way that produces the best product possible with the farthest spanning reach possible.


Their newest flick is called Iron Sky, a movie about Nazis that went to the moon in 1945 and return to Earth in 2018. The movie currently has 1279 collaborators working on production from around the world, but that number is sure to grow. Show them what you got! Join the online collaboration.