TrapCall Puts an End to Unknown Callers

trapcallIf there is nothing that grinds your gears more than a blocked caller ID, today is your lucky day. TrapCall is a new [beta] service that will unblock any phone number—for free! Even better, it will work with your existing phone number, on any phone, for all major carriers. In addition to number unmasking, TrapCall can also offer contact blocking, call recording, name of caller, voicemail transcriptions and online management.

Okay… on to the nitty gritty. The service is free for Caller ID unmasking only; plans for additional features run from $2.95/month to $24.95/month. To take advantage of any of these features on your phone first you must decline the original phone call. The call then gets routed to the TrapCall server and resent to you within seconds. The whole process is very simple, and the caller will have no idea any of this rerouting is going on. The only thing that raised some red flags over here was voicemail transcription. Rather than digitally processing the voicemail immediately and converting it to text, as Google Voice does so well, TrapCall employees will listen to every voicemail of yours and transcribe it. So if you are subscribing to TrapCall for privacy reasons, you may not want a plan with voicemail transcription.