Monster and Dr. Dre Club Beats Launches at Best Buy

club beatsYesterday we got a chance to check out the launch of the Club Beats section at the brand spanking new Best Buy in Union Square (which took over Circuit City’s old digs – may it rest in peace). Best Buy has teamed up with Monster and Beats by Dr. Dre to be one of the first big box retailers to offer not just its typical electronic and technological wares but also a source for hard core DJ’s to come and spin some tunes, mix tracks, and test out DJ equipment such as turntables, headphones, and software. I watched as some people were getting down with the DJ equipment that was on display and folks, if I dared to have made a comment about DJ Hero they would have probably sneered at me. This area is for the true music enthusiasts as well as those whose career is music. The section is also outfitted with Monster headphones from Beats to Lady Gaga as well as other gear such as a stray Dyson vacuum cleaner – well the Dyson must have been a mistake. So there is something for everyone.  If one of these Club Beats pops up in your local Best Buy I suggest checking it out, if not for the clubbeats2music then to just watch DJ’s have at it with the equipment – you never know you may just be watching the next DJ AM spinning without knowing it.


clubbeats clubbeats3

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