Speck CorePack Fly Notebook Messenger Bag Review

corepackflyThe first thing that comes to mind when I think of airport security, is the hassle of having to take my laptop out of my bag and putting it into one of those cold hard plastic containers to be scanned. I can’t help but get nervous that my laptop is going to get scratched or bumped around in those nasty gray containers. With Speck’s new line CorePack Fly, these TSA approved bags let you carry your laptop through security without unpacking it for a hassle free travel experience.

The bag comes in two colors: Restart Greyscale Pixel (a cute checkerboard pattern) and Speakeasy Grey Pinstripe. With two sections, one is a main compartment and one is a smaller laptop compartment. The thinner side is designed to house your 15″ laptop (or smaller), and the thicker side acts as your carry-on luggage for makeup, papers, books, or whatever you would normally pack. Everytime I travel, I have to lug a laptop case along with my carry-on bag, which usually results in stress and a backache. What I liked about this bag is that it’s a laptop bag and carry-on in one. I don’t have to carry an extra bulky laptop bag along with my regular carry-on – it’s combined.

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The bag looks like two bags stuck together. When you’re ready to go through security you unsnap the two Velcro sections and lay it flat on the conveyor belt. This allows TSA security to clearly view what’s in your bag and laptop back at the same time. When the compartments are snapped together, you can carry the bag as a briefcase or zipper the handle into the bag and attach the included strap to carry it as a messenger bag. The super cute bag has a patterned outside and a quilted compartmentalized interior. On the inside of the bag, the laptop case zippers shut and is padded with micro-fleece to keep your laptop warm, snuggly, and protected. The carry-on side is lightly quilted to protect your valuables and the material seems like if something exploded your laptop wouldn’t be ruined forever. The inside of the bag has special compartments for your mp3 player, a water bottle, cell phone, etc. so you can easily access important things like passports when going through security. Always convenient so you’re not digging through bag looking for your passport.

The Speck CorePack Fly is beautifully made, cute, and durable. I felt confident carrying my laptop and valuables in this well crafted bag. The problem? It’s really bulky. Yes, it is a laptop case and carry-on bag in one. Overall, this well made bag is perfect for airport travel where a little extra bulk is acceptable. It decreases the stress and hassle of going through security with multiple bags and it’s literally an all-in-one carry-on and laptop bag for convenience. As a regular laptop case for carrying your bag to work or the library, this bag isn’t ideal. But for only $90, this bag is worth it for airport travel alone.

The Good: An all in one case that carries your laptop and additional accessories and some clothes for a quick trip, TSA friendly, lots of pockets!

The Bad: Bag is very bulky and could become heavy if you load it up with lots of stuff.

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