iLuv iMM153 Desktop Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Review

iMM153_1The iLuv iMM153 Desktop Alarm Clock is not like other iPod alarm clocks out there. Not only does it wake you up – it shakes you up! We’ve seen a few alarm clocks come out that literally shake you out of bed in the morning, but the iMM153 is the first one of those alarm clocks that also works as an iPod alarm clock. With the IMM153 you can choose to be woken up via iPod, FM radio, buzzer, or the bed shaker.

The system is pretty straight forward to set-up. All you need to do is plug it in to the wall and turn it on. Although it did take a few minutes to figure out, were able able to figure out most of the its functions without referring to the manual. But when we needed to figure out how to set the alarm time, we did need to read the manual to figure out how to set it up.


The iLuv iMM153 Desktop Alarm Clock is has a large Snooze/dimmer button that you shouldn’t have difficulty hitting when you’re half asleep in the morning. It also sports a set of dedicated music controls on the top right side of the device for playing/pausing, skipping forward and backwards on tracks, and increasing and lowering the volume.  The clock also has a large blue back-lit display for easy readability in the night. You can choose to leave off the back-light and you can even control its brightness levels (levels 1-9) by pressing the dimmer/snooze button. The Shaker is a round plastic piece that is attached to the clock’s body via a detachable cable.

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The system will let you wake to a buzzer, your iPod tunes, the radio, or by shaking you awake. The shaker manages to shake your whole bed with vibrations and can be compared to one of those handheld massagers you’d buy at Bed Bath & Beyond or BrookStone. A while back we reviewed the Philips Wake-Up Light which is all about waking you up gradually and softly. Boy, this is the opposite! I didn’t know what hit me when the IMM153 woke me up the first morning.

Some other features include the ability to set 10 programmable FM radio stations, and it has an auxiliary line input for 3.5mm devices, so it will work with just about any MP3 player or audio device aside from your iPod or iPhone.

Audio Quality:

The iMM153 is really an alarm clock first and a speaker system second.The iMM153 is not a replacement for any serious iPod speaker dock, if you’re looking for superior sonics and a richer audio experience, you’ll need to look elsewhere like to other iLuv Hi-Fi systems. The system’s sonics are on par with your ordinary bed side alarm clock, meaning that sound comes out tinny. It’s fine for getting out of bed, listening to the radio here and there, and occasionally listening to tunes on your iPod – but make no mistake, this can not compete with even a low budget dedicated speaker system.


If you have a difficult time waking up in the morning, or you know someone who can sleep through just about any loud alarm clock – then they need this! Between the sounds of your iPod’s tunes, the Buzzer, the AM/FM radio, and the rock-the-boat bed Shaker function- that deep-sleeper will have finally met their match. We imagine that the iLuv Desktop Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker would be an especially great alarm clock for teens and college students – especially since it comes in several different colors. The clock is also a good way to wake yourself up without disturbing others – unless you share a bed with someone, in which case they’ll get shaken up too. Just don’t mistake the iMM153 for something that comes close to a Hi-Fi iPod speaker system,  these speakers lack bass altogether. The iMM153 Desktop Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker is available in several colors including black, pink, white and blue and can be found online for as low as $41.17.

The Good: Plays your iPod’s music, and shakes you awake with vibrations, great for deep sleepers who have difficulty waking up in the AM

The Bad: Music lacks bass, sounds tinny


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