Intel Unveils Radical New Design for New Core Processors

procesAt CES in a few weeks Intel will be releasing new Core Processors. But Intel releases newer and faster processors all the time, right? However, this upcoming release is going to especially be good news for consumers. These new Core i3, i5, and i7 processors sport an improved architecture that moves the integrated graphics onto the processor itself. That means that manufacturers will potentially be able to build even smaller, more compact devices. But more importantly then that, Intel says that the new integrated graphics is as powerful as a dedicated graphics card and it will allow consumers to play a lot more than just casual games – even if they don’t have a discreet graphics card in their PC. Until now the world of mainstream computer games has always been confusing to the average consumer who didn’t understand enough to buy a dedicated graphics card when they purchased a computer, only to later find out that their integrated graphics isn’t powerful enough to sufficiently support the game they want to play. This can also potentially save the casual gamer money on paying for a dedicated graphics card. Of course serious gamers will still no doubt want the best and most powerful dedicated discreet cards, and this new architecture will of course support them.

All of the new processors also boast a new and improved Hyper Threading technology. The new i5 and i7 processor also feature Turbo Boost Technology, which means that the processor will automatically adapt its speed according to whatever you’re doing at the moment. So when you start doing  a processor intensive task, the processor will get faster. It will then slow down when you’re doing low performance tasks. This helps contribute to the energy efficiency of a PC and can help improve battery life.

Aside from these new Intel Core Processors, Intel promises more new announcements at CES, so stay tuned.

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