Intelius Hosting the Date Check Dating Game at CES 2010

dating_gameWhen you go to CES the Dating Game doesn’t usually come to mind. Intelius was so inspired by the success of their Date Check mobile application, they have announced a Dating Game contest for attendees of the annual International Consumer Electronic Show. CES attendees can participate in the classic game show, and they will be offering up three potential techie bachelors for one lucky techie bachelorette. In addition to asking the usual first date questions, each contestant will be put to the test with the Date Check mobile app – an instant background check and a Money feature which will tell you straight up if these guys are just vendors peddling cheap Chinese knockoffs or owners of companies – just kidding. It will actually tell you if they own their own homes and other vital monetary information that can be found.  CES attendees interested in being a contestant in the Date Check Dating Game can register in advance by visiting their site and completing a short online application. Intelius will then select nine bachelors to compete live on stage for one of three dates with a bachelorette. Winners will receive lunch for two with their bachelorette and a pair of tickets to a best-selling Vegas show.  If you don’t feel like putting yourself out there, the app is currently available for download in the App Store and the Android Marketplace. CES is going to be very interesting this year…

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