Texting While Driving Ban Coming To a City Near You But Teens Don’t Seem to Care

alg_teen_texterIt looks like MADD may have to change their name to MATM (Mother’s Against Text Messaging) because more and more teens are not so much driving drunk as they are texting while driving. Teens are risking their lives and others as they text, many drifting to the otherside of the road just to send an LOL. However new laws are being passed to prevent this recklessness and many teens claim they won’t listen anyway. “By the time they pull you over, the chances are you are going to be done with your text anyway so they can’t exactly prove that you were texting,” This story may be focused on teens but many adults are guilty just the same. New York is one of the few states that actually has a texting-while-driving ban in effect as of two months ago. If you think you are one of those folks that can text and think they will never cause an accident then check out the video below. For those who have’t already seen it – its not for the faint of heart.

[Via Yahoo News]

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