CES 2010: Archerfish Solo is the Smartest Wireless Surveillance Camera Ever

archerThe new Archerfish Solo is a home surveillance system that is more advanced than anything that has come before it. Lets face it, even with motion activation, you’re bound to end up sorting through tons of empty footage. But Archer is super intelligent, you can specify it to look out for expected events, unanticipated intrusions, or just the odd things that can happen when you’re not around. When one of these things do happen, Solo notifies you with a video message sent to your cell phone or email.

Archerifsh Solo doesn’t even require a dedicated PC, it works out of the box. It automatically records event video clips to Archerfish secure servers and continuous video to a Micro SD card. It also gives you 24/7 viewing access via the web, it works both indoors and outdoors, its expendable, and it automatically filters out video that doesn’t interest you. The Archerfish Solo will be available in April for $399.

  • Advanced Video Technology: Analyzes video in real-time; not available in any other consumer product
  • Complete System Out of the Box: Doesn’t require a dedicated PC
  • 802.11b/g Wireless: Works with your wireless router for easy setup and use
  • Mobile Notifications: Sends video notifications to any user’s mobile phone or email inbox
  • Flexible Recording: Automatically records event video clips to Archerfish secure servers and continuous video to a Micro SD card
  • Dual Use Camera: Works indoors/outdoors with day/night capability
  • Custom Web SmartPortal:* Provides point-and-click management of your Archerfish devices, locations and users
  • 24×7 Live or Recorded Video Access: Allows viewing of any location, from anywhere
  • Expandable System: Makes it easy to add more Archerfish devices, even in different geographic locations
  • Video Search Engine: Finds specific video clips by event, date and time
  • Intelligent Video Filter: Automatically filters out video that doesn’t interest you
  • Automated System Safety: Preserves peace of mind with tamper detection, self recovery, secure storage and proactive system health monitoring

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