Bill Gates Joins Twitter and is Following Ashley Tisdale?!


billWell it looks like Bill Gates will now be subjected to Lady Gaga trends, the fail whale, and follow friday because 12 hours ago he finally joined Twitter! His first tweet was “”Hello World.” Hard at work on my foundation letter – publishing on 1/25.” This may just be a jovial way of Bill saying ‘hi’ to his new twitter palls but Hello World is actually an output of a simple program that is taught to beginner programmers. Whether that was intended or not remains to be seen, but knowing Bill – it’s certainly a possibility.  So far it seems Bill has taken a break and his last tweet for the night was “@aplusk thanks to you and all the other people who have welcomed me. I’ve got a lot to learn about Twitter but look forward to sharing more.” and as usual, Ryan Seacrest seems to be blessed, since he got a reply from Mr. Gates as well.  As of 2:49am EST, we followed Bill Gates and his number of followers were bumped from 142459 to 142460. We must point out that one of the strangest people he is following in the midst of the White House, New York Times, and Microsoft is Ashley Tisdale….um, Bill, whyyyy?? I’ll just cough it up to one of your daughters getting a hold of your account…