CES 2010: Philips’ Activa Portable Audio Player

Activa AngledHave you ever been in in the gym hitting a really good workout and suddenly a sad slow song comes on and kills your buzz? Philips’ Activa Portable Audio Player has a good solution to this problem. The designers put this together with the intention of optimizing your workout in every way. It helps provide motivation by arranging your music by energy levels. It also provides real time vocal feedback on how your doing. If you slow down it will encourage you vocally. If you speed up it will select a song with a faster tempo.

Of course this will take an initial set up process of analyzing your music and selecting songs that motivate you, but that is sure better then trying to do that on your own in the middle of a workout. If you’d rather avoid that whole process though, you can just use the presets right out of the box and get started. Vocal feedback is also a plus because you don’t have to look down and fidget with a device to monitor your progress, you just listen. The unit itself is designed for action with  sport headphones with ear hooks, clip-on design, protective pouch, and cable clip management. Will be available in April for about $130. See Philips for more information soon.

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