TSA Friendly Carry-on Bags that will Help Avoid Delta Baggage Fees

sorting-baggageCES may be over but the sting in my wallet still lingers and not from the casino tables, but from Delta airlines! As we all know traveling is getting more and more expensive as well as time consuming. Delta has announced that they are raising their pricing for checking bags in to $23 for the first checked bag and $32 for the second checked bag.

However you don’t have to be a sucker and these three bags will not only fit into the overhead compartment to avoid luggage fees, they’re also TSA approved and they are pretty stylish too. Now I only wish that the TSA knew themselves what bags they really approved of.

burtonBurton Wheelie Flight – A great sized bag that holds your laptop, gear and plenty of underwear because of its volume-enhancing CRAM™ stretch zipper zones.

MESFOBP-BeautyMobile Edge TSA ScanFast Onyx Checkpoint Friendly Backpack – Just because we are done with school that doesn’t mean you can’t still backpack it and look professional. Mobile Edge has a wide range of TSA friendly bags meant to get you in and out security fast and be big enough to cram all your junk into it.

27786-fullAftPack Backpack – We may have reviewed this bag but until you use it, do you really appreciate how much this thing holds.  You can store a change of clothes, your laptop, cameras, and a few chargers and still carry it on board. Your shoulders may break but not your wallet.

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