DLO JumpStart iPhone Battery Pack Review

dloThe DLO JumpStart is a new attachable battery pack plus sync cable for the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, and iPod Touch. For an iPhone 3G, the JumpStart can provide you with nearly double the battery capacity, or rather – it will provide you with almost an extra 100% extra charge while you’re on the go. Using the JumpStart, you can also charge and sync your iPhone/iPod to iTunes.We tested the JumpStart with the iPhone 3G. As much as we love the iPhone, it can barely make it through a day of heavy use without needing extra power. So a battery pack is an essential iPhone accessory to carry with you.

The JumpStart’s design and form-factor is pretty unique. Many iPhone battery packs inconveniently attach to the bottom of the iPhone and stick out below the iPhone as a dongle or they stick out substantially below the device. Fortunately the JumpStart’s design is smarter then that. The JumpStart attaches to the bottom of the iPhone, and and to the back of your iPhone where it uses suction cups to stay securely attached to your iPhone. The suction cups do a nice job of staying securely attached to your iPhone and they’re easy to take off and reattach. The design doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPhone either and it still allows you to slip it into your pocket without too much fuss. The Jumpstart also doesn’t weigh much at all, so it wont weigh down your bag. However we do have one minor gripe with the design, the cap covering the mini usb port is a bit flimsy and looks like it can break off easily.

Functionality and Performance:
A mini USB cable comes with the device that plugs into it for charging and syncing. The back of the JumpStart has a button to push to let you know its current power status. While charging, a red light at the top of the device shows up.  To indicate when the device is fully charged, the light turns blue. While the device is connected to your PC, if you Dock your iPhone/iPod into it, it will also conveniently sync and charge your iPhone.

We charged up the JumpStart several times and used it to charge up a dead iPhone 3G. Each time the JumpStart provided almost a full additional charge for the iPhone, but never quite a 100% full charge. When charging a dead iPhone 3G, within a few minutes or less the device had enough power to turn on. And it took the JumpStart almost 2 hours to charge the iPhone 3G and drain itself of its own power completely.

The JumpStart isn’t the highest capacity iPod battery pack on the market, and we would have liked it to have had a standby mode to conserve power, but overall it’s a well rounded device that is easy and convenient to use. Just like you would throw a pair of headphones into your bag, you really need a battery pack to get through the day if you won’t be by an outlet or USB port. I cant tell you how many times I have found myself running around an airport looking for an available outlet to charge my iPhone. The few outlets that are available are usually taken, and often there isn’t enough time to sufficiently charge the iPhone either. That is just a typical situation where an iPhone battery pack is needed, but there are many reasons to need a battery pack and the reality is that the iPhone’s battery life falls short. I definitely wont be leaving home without the JumpStart in my bag. You can pick up the DLO JumpStart for $59.99.

The Good: Easy to use, convenient design, provides nearly an extra full charge for the iPhone 3G and other iPod models

The Bad: No standby mode to conserve battery power, cap covering mini USB port is flimsy



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