52nd Annual Grammy Gift Bag Goes Hi-Tech

were-all-fans-lady-gaga-poster-1-1As we all know, the awards season is here and the second most important thing people want to know besides who won, is what the celebs are getting for swag. The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards show takes place tonight and we got a few details on some of the items popping up in Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, and probably Kanye West’s gift bag (if he doesn’t act like a fool again.) This time the Grammy’s have gone techie and are offering a plethora of loot that are gadgety in one way or another.

i360 music infused headwear will be included which is appropriate considering the Grammy’s are all about music. At the special Neil Young Grammy reception yesterday, celebrities were gifted with a Seagate FreeAgent Go for Mac with a a specially designed MusiCares skin. The drive is perfect for storing, transporting and sharing music.  OhMiBod was also strangely selected as an official participant in the Grammy Gift Bag, because celebs need a good massage once in a while…. Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System was also selected as swag for the Grammy’s as well – because rock stars should prep their kids while in the womb with a possible future career in music. Some of the other techie items being gifted to celebs will be: SteelSeries Siberia v2 full-size headsets and electronic cigarette starter kits. And this folks, is only techie stuff… we didn’t even list the rest of what they will be getting tonight – which is A LOT MORE!


So for the rest of us who aren’t rich and famous, and able to get awesome gifts for free, Radar online is giving away a Grammy Gift Bag of their own worth 5K, which also includes a bevy of techie goodies.  But if you have no luck with that – eBay is currently running a Grammy Celebrity Auction with all proceeds going to the MusicCares Foundation.

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