CES 2010: iLuv’s Vibe Plus Dual Alarm Clock Bed Shaker for iPods

IMG_0120You may remember our review on the first generation Bed Shaker. Its a great idea to have an iPod docked alarm clock with a bedshaker to rumble you out of bed. However, we had a bit of a gripe with the sound. The 2nd gen supposedly has fixed this problem. While you sleep you can charge your iPod/iPhone and it synchronizes the time with them as well. Looks like that should prevent you from oversleeping on the days the power goes out overnight and your alarm clock thus turns off. With the synchronization it should pick back up on the right time. Plus you can control the environment you wake up to. Maybe put together a playlist of soft wake up music? Of course you will be rumbled out of bed at the same time with the bed shaker.  See iLuv’s site for more info.

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