Intel AppUp Center Beta is an App Store for Netbooks

screenshotsIntel has just released a public beta of their netbook App Store, Intel AppUp. The apps available on AppUp are all optimized for netbooks. AppUp is loaded with a variety of free and paid applications. While it is positioned for netbooks, the apps seem to work on any PC (but resolution might not be optimized). If you have a netbook it’s definitely a great source to find apps made for you without having to go through any hassles. AppUp will also install applications directly from within the application, so you don’t have to go to the developers’ website and fish through various screens to download and then install the software. When you install applications from AppUp, AppUp you will also allow you to launch them from within AppUp. Unfortunately, AppUp is only available for Windows right now (sorry Linux users). And at just 17mb, it’s worth giving a try, so be sure to leave some feedback.

Here were some of the suggestions for improvement that I had:

-Don’t use a fixed window size for the application, even if it is optimized for netbooks. It seems to only have a 10” diagonal on my regular laptop

-Introduce a performance rating for applications. This can be based on my netbook specs, which could be entered manually.

-Brand AppUp for netbooks specifically – no where in the AppUp center does it say it’s optimized for netbooks

-I’d prefer not to create a log in to download apps

-Don’t require billing information until I choose to download a paid application

-I couldn’t successfully create a log in: “Legal restrictions prevent us from fulfilling your request”

However, don’t let my suggestions prevent you from downloading it and playing around. AppUp has a lot of potential, and is still very convenient to use even in its beta state, and Intel is very aware they have a lot of work to do to make it the ideal Netbook App Store.

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