Lady Gaga Decal for the Macbook for all the Little Monsters Out There

il_430xN.113608556People just find more and more interesting ways to use Lady Gaga’s image for other creative endeavors. An extremely creative person from Etsy has not one but two vinyl decals displaying Gaga’s likeness from her debut album The Fame holding the Apple logo. Her style is there for all to see even though its changed now but it’s still awesome. The Lady Gaga Decal will fit on any 13″ to 17″  Macbook or Macbook Pro and supposedly is made from a 7yr high quality vinyl and the designer will even make it any other color of your choice. You can always leave it to someone at Etsy to blow our minds…The Lady Gaga Decal retails for $12.99. il_430xN.112093841


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