CES 2010: Lenovo Skylight Smartbook Shows Us What All the Fuss is About

-6Smartbooks are rumored to be the next biggest thing since the netbook, unfortunately, they’ve been slow to arrive to market. However, it looks like Lenovo is beating others to the punch with the Lenovo Skylight. The Lenovo Skylight is Lenovo’s first smartbook. The system has enough battery power to keep going all day and it has has a Web optimized U/I. Skylight comes with a Qualcomm a 1GHz snapdragon arm processor that has both WiFi and 3G integrated, a full size keyboard and touchpad, 20GB of flash storage, a 10.1 inch screen and a full web browser. Pricing will begin at $499 and will be available to purchase from Lenovo, as well as AT&T. [nggallery id=240]

•    Beauty and Brains – Thinner than many smartphones, Skylight’s sleek and lightweight design is a technological combination of beauty and function. Skylight is being introduced in two new vibrant colors, glossy lotus blue and earth red models. Skylight’s clamshell design opens to reveal a brilliant high definition 10.1 inch screen designed for watching high definition videos or viewing photos. Tote it in a purse, backpack or bag. Weighing less than two pounds, Skylight is extremely mobile and lightweight enough for the user to tote it in a purse, backpack or bag. Unlike many netbooks, Skylight’s full size keyboard makes typing easy.
•    No Power Cord? No Problem – Skylight has over 10 hours of active battery life,1 enough to allow the user to watch two movies or more back to back on the next plane flight.
•    Simply plug it in at night to charge like a mobile phone. On the next plane flight, enjoy watching two movies or more back to back.
•    Wireless Freedom – Skylight has built-in WiFi and 3G connectivity to give users a web connection nearly everywhere they go, and Skylight will seamlessly handoff between the WiFi and 3G. With the purchase of an AT&T DataConnect plan, users get 3G data but also access to AT&T’s nationwide Wi-Fi network, including more than 20,000 Hot Spots in the U.S. for fast and easy web access on the go.
•    Web Optimized Interface – Skylight’s unique custom interface lets the full capabilities of the web shine through with live web gadgets. Users can check Google Gmail™, update their Facebook™ status, see what’s new on YouTube™ or browse the Internet. simultaneously without having to continually refresh or log in.  There are more than 18 preloaded web gadgets including Amazon MP3 to download digital music favorites and Roxio CinemaNow to buy and download digital movies. Powered by the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon chipset platform and featuring 20 GB of standard flash and 2 GB of cloud storage, Skylight delivers the performance needed for mobile users unwilling to compromise their mobile experience and the flexibility to store their data wherever they like – in the cloud or on the device.

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