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LG eXpo Mobile Projector Review

projFor a complete review of the LG eXpo, go here.

The LG eXpo is the first phone available in the U.S. with a projector function. We’ve been hearing about projector phones coming to market for a while now, and almost thought that they’d never really materialize. But finally, one projector phone has made it’s way to U.S. shores. To get up and running with the Mobile Projector accessory, You have to remove its battery cover for it to attach on to the phone since LG’s Mobile Projector attaches onto the LG eXpo’s backside.  It adds a nice amount of bulk to the phone, but it’s totally worth it. We appreciate the fact that you can easily remove the projector when you need to so that the phone can slim down when you’re not using the projector feature.The Projector adds 50grams of weight to the device and is about as thick as the device itself. Unfortunately, while the projector is attached to the phone, the phone’s camera will not work. Also, when the projector is in use, it tends to get very hot just like big projectors do. But not so much so that you can’t hold it.

The projector turns on by pressing the camera button. Hitting the camera button will also make the projector switch from portrait to landscape. Focusing is done by sliding a button on the side of the projector. While the pico projector works best in a truly dark room. The projected image can get impressively big – we’re talking as big as 4 to 5 feet wide without losing too much picture quality. However, this accessory is no replacement for even one of the high end mobile projectors out there, but still it produces quite an impressive viewing experience. I was able to watch a some YouTube clips and some short video clips while sitting on my bed in my bedroom with the lights turned out, and it was a neat thrill. Of course this is going to be one cool tool for a businessman/businesswoman on the go who often needs to whip out a presentation or a video on the spot.

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We can imagine that many people would love to use the phone’s projector to watch videos together with friends, which definitely gives it a lot of appeal to college kids and teens. For a relatively new smartphone feature, LG did a very good job of implementing the mobile projector accessory. It works well and is easy to use. Here is to hoping that mobile projectors become the new standard in smartphones, because this is one cool technology that pushes the smartphone envelope.

The Good:
Only adds 50 grams of weight to the phone, can be detached and reattached when needed, easy to use and set-up, works well and manages to project a big picture on the wall

The Bad:
Not a serious projector replacement, only projects well in truly dark rooms, tends to get hot during use

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