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Live Nation Lil Wayne High Performance In Ear Buds

lilwayneLooks like Lil Wayne and several other artists are making their mark on the headphone world through Live Nation Merchandise. We guess Live Nation got jealous of Monster’s success and are now pumping out their very own line of artist branded high performance in ear buds. It’s also strangely being sold through New Jersey distributor GoStereoNY. There are no details on when exactly they will be available but according to a rep from the company, final details are still being worked on for the Live Nation deal. Shakira, and many other Live Nation artists are expected to have their very own ear buds. We got a chance to test the earphones and I have to say they aren’t half bad. The ear buds come with an extra set of silicone tips, the driver is 10MM, and the earphone cable actually feels and looks like a thin sneaker shoe lace. Obviously the sound quality is nowhere near Monster’s pop culture influenced headphones but from what we where told, they expect to retail for around $20 bucks. That’s an extremely affordable price tag for a pair of celebrity branded earphones and they still sound a whole lot better than those ‘white’ earbuds.

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If you want our pair of Lil Wayne In Ear Buds just tweet at us your Fave Lil Wayne song we will pick a winner on Sunday. Once product availability and permanent pricing becomes available, we will be sure to update the post.

Update: The giveaway is over and we have announced the winner via Twitter