Macally PowerGo 3-in-1 Takes Design Cues from MacBook AC Adapters

powerGo1The Macally PowerGo 3 3-in-1 Battery Charger is the ultimate charger for those who are sick of carrying several different chargers to charge several different devices, in several different places. For starters, the PowerGo3 has a USB port for gadgets that can be charged through that method. The device also features a swappable AC Wall plug and DC car plug with a convenient LED indicator for checking power/ charging status, and this is located all in the same compact unit that resembles the size and shape of a standard Apple notebook power adapter. Finally, the PowerGo3 also comes with both a Mini-B USB and Micro USB cable for charging other  smartphones and portable devices. The device is not available yet, but when it i,s it will retail for $49.99 at Amazon.



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  1. is this a safe way to charge your macbook? It is available now, but I am wondering if I can use it to charge my laptop in my car?

  2. Hi Kate, we’ve used similar chargers to charge our Macbook in a car and have never had nay problems. However, we’ve never tried this particular model out

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