CES 2010: Neato Vacuum Robot Neater than Roomba?

If you are unfamiliar with robot vacuums then let us fill you in. They are not like Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons, they do not have a personality, and they have not yet mastered the staircase. They are a robotic, saucer shaped motorized vacuum which can hover around the house vacuuming unattended. Neato Robotics has developed a robot vacuum cleaner that will certainly give the Roomba a bang for its buck. The Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum system is armed with 360 degree laser vision which maps out your entire floor space and identifies and avoids most obstacles (rather than just bumping in to them). Neato Robotics has created a “smarter robot that thoroughly cleans an area in less time.” Neato uses the energy that saves from its more efficient cleaning route to greatly enhance its vacuuming power. Neato is less than four inches high making it ideal for cleaning under beds and couches.

Neato’s “D” shape also makes it a more efficient cleaner than Roomba, allowing it to really get in to those corners. It also has a larger dirt bin. After completing its cleaning, Neato will return back to its base to recharge itself. Make use of Neato’s scheduler to have it clean the house every day. The Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum system will be available in February 2010 from the U.S. Neato Robotics website. Retail price will be $399, and they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year limited hardware warranty. We can’t wait to place Neato and Ronnie Roomba head to head!

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