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Nimbuzz All-In-One App for Everything Social Networking on Your Phone


11Nimbuzz is a free download that combines almost every social networking tool, cheap or free international calling, pictures, texts, videos, and more into one user friendly app.  The idea is for it to be a one stop shop for all the different ways to connect: from calling, to IMing, to tweeting, to Skype, etc.

Nimbuzz uses VOiP to make cheap or free mobile to mobile or PC to mobile/landline calls over the Internet. It also connects you with all your contacts from all your favorite social networking sites. Whether it’s Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Twitter, Google Talk (and more), you will be able to see all of these contacts combined into one list. You can see exactly who’s online to chat with, send an offline message to, call, or send pictures, music, video, etc. without having to sign into each individual location, because everything is combined into one source.[nggallery id=259]

What I like about Nimbuzz is the one stop shopping for all social networking tools. If you’re a social networking freak like me and you are constantly checking a million different apps to see what your friends are doing, Nimbuzz is the one app solution. Besides social networking, Nimbuzz is a cheap or free way to call both locally and internationally. Instead of using minutes or a costly international calling plan, Nimbuzz uses the Internet VOiP to make calls so you won’t incur incremental data charges the more you call. You will incur some low international calling fees, but it’s almost guaranteed that it will be cheaper than your regular international calling phone bill. And if you’re really worried about cost, you can just use Skype because that too is fully integrated into Nimbuzz.

Besides the one-stop social networking app, Nimbuzz enables location sharing so you can find your friends on a map. Finally, an app designed for  social networking can be taken into the real world realm with a face-to-face meetup thanks to the map feature.

The app is available in all major and third party app stores, the app can be used on thousands of phones (except the Palm Pre!) as well as any computer including PC and MAC.